I want to give you some background on who we are and our vision. As a specialist wellbeing travel company that has been running for close to 15 years we were faced with a choice when COVID 19 changed our lives in 2020. We could either sit it out and wait for some normality to resume or do something to help our clients that had to postpone their wellbeing retreats to get through this difficult time

We chose the latter and introduced our free weekly Wellbeing At Home sessions for our community.

We have regularly delivered discussions and interactive classes with leading experts in the wellness field covering physical, psychological and emotional wellbeing. We have covered a plethora of topics from nutrition, breathwork, mindfulness and positive mindset to name a few and all have been delivered for free because of our vision to enhance the wellbeing of as many people as we can.

Our community has grown and we have received such great feedback that we have decided to make this a permanent offering, expanding it to include a forum where our community can connect and support each other and also attend more detailed courses for the subjects they are interested in.

There are no catches or hidden subscription fees. We are an open and honest organisation that genuinely wants to help people lead happier and healthier lives. The way we see it is that if we can help you do this you can inspire others to do the same and that has to be a successful outcome for all involved. If you want to support us by buying one of our courses or our wellbeing holidays (when you can travel) then we will be grateful but there is no obligation.

So I look forward to seeing you at one of our free Wellbeing At Home Live sessions soon.

Stella Photi 

Founder Wellbeing Escapes & Wellbeing At Home


The Wellbeing Escapes & Wellbeing At Home Team 

Wellbeing At Home Member Benefits...

Access to some of the most influential and transformational experts in the world of wellbeing with free weekly live sessions

Offers and preferential prices on some of the best wellbeing courses and experiences on offer

Be a member of a community of like-minded people that you can learn from and encourage each other