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Mar 13

Boost Your Immunity and Avoid Heart Disease

March 13, 2021 @ 5:00 pm - 6:00 pm

Heart Disease is the biggest cause of premature death of people in their 50s and although many of us strive to lead a healthy lifestyle we are faced with lots of confusing and conflicting information about how to minimise the risks of cardio vascular diseases and diabetes. 

Dr Aseem  is a leading global voice in the fight against obesity and  has made it his life’s work to educate the public about lifestyle choices as the first option to prevent disease.  During this event he will explain to us about the steps we can take to keep our immunity levels high as outlined in his book The 21 Day Immunity Plan.  We will cover how manipulation of information from the food and pharmaceutical industries has caused dietary misinformation and what we should actually be eating to keep our cardio vascular system healthy for the health of our hearts and brain.

Dr Aseem Malhotra

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Boost your immunity and avoid heart disease


Thank you for this event, it was fascinating and full of revelations! I will certainly watch the recording to take in all the information. Thank you Stella and Aseem.

Boost your immunity .....

sue Clark

Aseem is a very compelling speaker. I am glad I now know he is such a leader in the field of educating the population about the dangers of processed foods. Well worth listening too and I may buy his book. He recommended reading the text on Big tobacco play dirty etc by prof K Brownell. He needs to know that you have to subscribe to get the full text - rather too expensive for me to want to do this for one article. I would like to hear him speak again - perhaps with some more specific advice? Great topic and good speaker - thanks for this.

Dr Malhotra

Wendy Thomson

I listen to this event on 'catch-up' What an inspiration! I'm passionate about getting people to think about the potential toxins in the household products they use as I'm convinced that's another piece of the jigsaw to improved well-being.

Dr Aseem Malhotra

Sara McIntyre

Fascinating talk, full of great information. The issues surrounding statins is shocking especially given the side effects so many people suffer from them. I look forward to the book being published. For anyone struggling to find it, I downloaded a copy of the 'Big Tobacco' paper free of charge from: ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2879177/

Boost Your Immunity and Avoid Heart Disease


I enjoyed listening to the recording of this session. Dr Aseem speaks with great conviction and passion. He’s made me think about my sugar intake and incorporating more of the Mediterranean diet into my food choices. Thank you for facilitating yet another thought provoking wellbeing session.


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  1. Have not been able to log in - tried a few times since 5pm........ checked 2 emails & this link ......... No connection ,,,,,,,,,,,, Disappointing !!

  2. Hi Stella
    I hope you are well.
    I missed yesterday’s session unfortunately. Will I be able to catch up with it this week on the well-being at home page?

    1. Hi Rosie

      Hi Katie..
      We will have the recording up shortky for you to view.
      It was a good session, pretty thought provoking. Would be great to know what you think after viewing.
      Leave a review if you have a minute.
      Stay well and talk to you soon!

      Best regards..Peter

  3. Hi I tried to get access with Zoom and passwords on Saturday many times but was unable to gain access in the end and missed the talk. Is it possible to hear it on a recording? Thanks, Katie

    1. Hi Katie..
      So sorry for the log-in issues on Saturday.
      We will have the recording up shortky for you to view
      It was a good session, pretty thought provoking. Would be great to know what you think after viewing.

      Best regards..Peter

  4. This was a fascinating talk, and shocking to learn that the approach from many in the medical profession to preventing heart disease has not been based on the correct scientific facts. Diet, exercise, keeping your weight in check and keeping stress levels down and getting good sleep are key to a health body and mind. We don't all need to be spoon fed drugs! Thanks Stella for arranging these talks with professionals who are acclaimed masters within their various professions. You have the perfect name - Star and you are a star. Jane xxx