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Sep 25

FREE EVENT | Create a Super Brain with Nutrition

September 25, 2021 @ 5:00 pm - 6:00 pm

Join this event to learn how to augment your brain power, increase your focus, regulate your mood and protect your brain as you get older.

Most of us know that our lifestyles and what we eat affects our overall health and the ageing process. For decades we have heard about how our food and drink choices affects our heart, liver and other parts of the body. Now a growing body of evidence is showing a strong link between cardiovascular problems and cognitive decline including Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. From an everyday perspective we may be suffering from brain fog, poor focus and concentration as well as low mood and memory problems.

If you take a car analogy, a top performance car functions best when you give it the best fuel. Your brain can be viewed as another complex high performing machine and also needs to be given premium fuel to protect its function. This function includes managing our emotions and mood disorders.

During this event, Olga Hamilton, highly acclaimed nutritionist and Ted X speaker, will teach us how to boost your brain power, sharpen your mind, help prevent decline of brain function, reduce the risk of dementia and even build new brain cells.

Olga Hamilton

Nutrition for the brain

Lisa goldblatt

I find Olga’s explanations and slides very easy to understand and implement. It was an excellent presentation that covers as much as was possible in the time frame.

Create a super brain with nutrition

Halleh Sheibeh

A super, informative session delivered by a knowledgeable nutritionist in a thorough manner. Thank you Olga, your presentation certainly added to my knowledge, and it also provided some surprises (chickens!). I would love to learn more about the individual testing and how to go about them....food for thought for a future session maybe? Many thanks again Halleh

Create a Super Brain with Nutrition


Thank you Olga - I have attended a number of your events now and always find them so informative- I learn so much and feel I really do benefit from them 🙏

Olga Hamilton create a super brain with nutrition

Alessandra Mancini

Very interesting event. Knowing on time can change your life . My mother suffers with dementia and i really appreciate infos and approach of Olga : will follow her inputs .

Olga - brain health


This event was, as ever, fantastic! Olga has such a huge knowledge and delivers it so clearly and accessibly. She always leaves us with so much information but a need to know more! Thank you Olga. And THANK YOU STELLA!


Shirley Wells

I absolutely love Olga's sessions. They are packed with so much information that the time just passes so quickly, and it is so interesting that you don't want her to stop!

brain nutrition with Olga Hamilton


Good, a lot of information on supplements and general nutrition. A bit rigid when it comes to research results as the can be often bias. Overall I enjoyed the presentation.

Olga Hamilton on nutri for A super braiN

Julie Driscoll

I was hooked from Olgas first words .. she is like an encyclopaedia of nutrition knowledge and completely absorbing to listen to. I learnt so much from this session that was hopeful and positive, that it’s never too late to boost our nutritional support for our brain.. She always has so much packed in to her presentations and sadly I had to leave before the end as my husband had cooked my tea! Thank you Olga for all your invaluable information and thank you Stella for organising it x

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