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Dec 10

Kundalini Yoga for the Immunity with Colin Raizon

December 10, 2022 @ 5:00 pm - 6:00 pm

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The Immune system is the body’s defence against disease: our internal police force against bacteria and viruses. It produces the white blood cells required to conquer the invaders.

It includes many of the glands and organs that we work on in our Kundalini Yoga kriyas. Glands such as the adrenals, thymus and pituitary produce vital hormones in our Immune system. Organs such as the heart, lungs, kidneys and liver are essential to our good health.

Hormonal balance can be impacted by a number of factors including stress, negativity and overwhelm. We then lack energy, feel unmotivated and get infections: coughs, colds, flu, digestive issues.

Some of the ways in which we can strengthen our Immune system are exercising, walking, letting go of negativity, eating healthily, connecting with like-minded people, having an attitude of gratitude, cultivating joy, smiling and laughing. Our Kundalini Yoga practice embraces many of these.


About Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini Yoga, the “Yoga of Awareness” is a life-enhancing and very enjoyable style of Yoga which, using physical postures and movements (asana), breathing exercises (pranayama), meditation and chanting, enables us to tap our latent potential which may have been lying dormant for a long time. Teachers of Kundalini Yoga have available a large repertoire of sets (kriyas), each of which focuses on a particular objective and have many benefits e.g. balancing the glandular system, strengthening the immune system, reducing fear and anxiety.

Kundalini Yoga is for anyone: no need to be very flexible, no matter what age, no need to be anxious about being judged. Eyes closed throughout most of the practice, getting a true sense of what’s going on inside the body, mind and spirit. “If you don’t go within, you go without”.  And, at the same time, having some fun!

Come along for a different type of yoga experience with an open mind to help you transform you

Passcode for live event is 390053

Colin Raizon


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