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Apr 17

Breaking Down Sun Salutations with Alyona

April 17, 2021 @ 5:00 pm - 6:00 pm

Hatha yoga which makes up the majority of yoga that’s taught in the west means moving with the breath in connection to the sun and moon.

Those of you that practice yoga know that Sun Salutations are one of the foundations of a yoga asana practice and a very effective way to open up most parts of the body.

Join us with our yoga teacher Alyona as she breaks down some the postures that comprise sun salutations. Alyona’s teachings help us get back to basics with postures if we practice yoga regularly and also serve as a great introduction for beginners. She will help us get into the precision and detail of the of saluting the sun.

As Alyona says “ Together we will connect with the heart of the sky, heart of the earth and the heart of humanity. Let’s call in the energy of spring by gathering energy from the sun.

We will reset energize and leave feeling radiant.”

Alyona Mindlin

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breaking down sun salutations with Alyona

Lorraine Wiener

Fabulous session, I have learnt so many specifics about downward dog, active child's pose, folding and breathing during folds that I was unaware of, it will really improve my practice moving forward. I found it extremely helpful to have Alyona make corrections and recommendations to my downward dog, which then felt so much better in the length I felt in my back, arms and legs. Thank you Alyona and thank you Stella for putting this wonderful session on for us, and, of course, for your brilliant choice in music, as always, I just can't stop myself from dancing along xx

Alyona Sun salutatIons


I found this class very challenging but feel “ stretched” and energised . Thank you


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