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Mar 6

Maintaining Healthy Brain Function with Bruno Ribeiro

March 6, 2021 @ 5:00 pm - 6:00 pm

Our brain is arguably our most important organ. It controls and coordinates our every action and reaction, allows us to think and feel, and enables us to have memories and feelings—all the things that make us human. As we get older our memories fail us and we have increasing odds of suffering with brain disorders such as Alzheimers or Dementia. Professor Ribeiro will help us understand what we can do to help our brains functioning well now so that we can maximise our cognitive abilities and enhance our strengths and also which practices we can introduce to help us avoid debilitating brain diseases in our old age.

Professor Bruno Ribeiro is Head of the  Cognitive and Emotional Health Development Unit at SHA Wellness Clinic in Spain.  He has a doctorate in Clinical Psychology and is Professor at the University of Murcia and also a member of the research group there on Psychobiology and Behavioural Neurobiology.  He has taken several postgraduate courses in the field of drug addiction and neuropsychology and his research has led to the publication of 20 articles in journals listed in the ISI (Institute for Scientific Information). His current interest is the development of new technologies applied to cognitive and cerebral stimulation.


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Maintaining Healthy Brain Function with Bruno Ribeiro

Pam white

Absolutely fascinating speaker! Such a huge topic but he rose to the challenge. It was an insight into the quality and professionalism of SHA - I’m looking forward to exploring their website.


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    1. Hi Melissa..we should have the recording of the session available on the website in a couple days.
      You can log-in to the site and access there.

      All the best..Peter

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