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Apr 22

PAID EVENT I Improve Your Sleep with the Sleep Guru Workshop 2

April 22, 2021 @ 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm


Are you deprived of consistent good quality sleep?

Apart from making us feel exhausted, a lack of sleep can have a big effect on our health. It can impact our memory, contribute to anxiety and depression, accelerate ageing inside and out and even make us put on weight. There is no doubt that getting a good nights sleep is imperative to us feeling and looking healthy.



  • Workshop 1 - Introduction to Sleepology by Anandi® - An overview of why sleep is so important, and a discussion on the various sleep types. You’ll understand how important knowing what your sleep type is in order to get to the root of your sleep disturbance. You may be doing the right things, but not for your Sleep Type! You’ll go away armed with knowing about your sleep type and the kind of things that you should be doing to get better quality sleep.
  • Workshop 2 - The Mind Principle of Sleepology - After you’ve uncovered the cause of the sleep disturbance, you need to work out what tools you need. Once you’ve got that in place you can start on building resilience. The mind principle is about vagal tone (building resilience), what it is and how to build wellbeing of the nervous system. We’ll be discussing the connection between the mind, breath and nervous system and how they are intimately connected. You’ll go away with a clear understanding of how to build resilience and there will be a practical session demonstrating how to use the breath intelligently for managing the nervous system.

  • Workshop 3 - The Body and Rejuvenate Principles - The body principle covers the circadian rhythm and the digestive fire (mental and physical). Good physical digestion and mental digestion are fundamental to ensure we are taking in what’s good and letting of what’s not. You’ll discover how your Sleep Type affects your hormones especially in menopause. The rejuvenate principle covers nourishment of the mind, body and soul. Good quality sleep depends on the correct mental and physical nourishment.


  • Workshop 1 on 15th April 2021 from 7 - 8 pm BST
  • Workshop 2 on 22nd April 2021 from 7 - 8 pm BST
  • Workshop 3 on 29th April 2021 from 7 - 8 pm BST

* If you are not able to attend the live sessions you will have lifetime access to the recordings so you can follow at your own pace.

COST: £60

Anandi, The Sleep Guru

SLeep WOrkshop

Kathryn armitage

Anandi’s sessions were excellent. I found the sleep quiz very helpful in identifying the kind of sleeper I am and could therefore pick out the points from each session that were relevant to me. Anandi is very knowledgeable and I thought it was very useful that we could ask her questions outside of the sessions and she answered them very quickly. It is obvious it is something that she is passionate about the sleep workshops especially as she could share her own experiences. I love the Wellbeing weekly sessions but also found it useful to look at a topic in more depth. Thanks Kathryn


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