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Mar 10

Yoga for Opening Heart, Lungs and Chest

March 10, 2021 @ 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Alyona is back to take us through an uplifting class that helps open our lungs and chests through a series of easy to follow movements and backbends. Don't be alarmed by the term backbend as Alyona will show us different variations that suit different levels of flexibility and experience with a view to helping us open our upper back area. This class is perfect for those of us that spend hours sitting at a desk where we are hunched forward and shortening the muscles in the front body which collapses the chest and creates poor posture. We will feel open and connect with our heart chakra bringing us deeper feelings of joy.

Alyona Mindlin

Yoga opening heart lungs and chest


I feel like i've connected with my shoulder blades again! I enjoyed the class and really loved Alyona's way of teaching. I'm looking forward to some more sessions and hoping they will come soon.

Alyona Sun salutatIons


I found this class very challenging but feel “ stretched” and energised . Thank you

Yoga upper body


A very enjoyable class with great explanation. So good of Alyona to view us and give individual comments on posture and positions

Alyona yoga for cHest


I missed the event as I could not login for some reason . Another fantastic session ( did it today) and so timely with everyone spending too much time seated at a computer ! I would love to see a course with Alyona payable if we could get enough people . She has a great way of teaching Thank you so much



I felt a real benefit from Alyona’s class and intend to include a couple of the elements into my daily routine. Thank you!

breaking down sun salutations with Alyona

Lorraine Wiener

Fabulous session, I have learnt so many specifics about downward dog, active child's pose, folding and breathing during folds that I was unaware of, it will really improve my practice moving forward. I found it extremely helpful to have Alyona make corrections and recommendations to my downward dog, which then felt so much better in the length I felt in my back, arms and legs. Thank you Alyona and thank you Stella for putting this wonderful session on for us, and, of course, for your brilliant choice in music, as always, I just can't stop myself from dancing along xx

Yoga upper Body


I appreciate taking the time to give the demonstration but I was unable to get much out of it as i can only take weight on my knee for short periods and certainly can't lean/sit back. It would have been helpful to say in advance what level of mobility was required to participate. As it was described as upper body stretching, i thought it would have been more suitable for arthritis sufferers.

Yoga on Wednesday Evening

Lisa Goldblatt

A really lovely class. My shoulders are smiling! I did it as a catch up and can see that I missed out because Alyona was checking postures and making sure they were being done correctly.

Yoga for upper body with Alyona

Lorraine Wiener

I found the wall exercises and lying on the floor to stretch upper back and shoulder excellent and could really feel the benefit of those stretches. The kneeling exercise was more problematic for me as I can't take weight in that position on my knees, probably due to arthritis. I really like Alyona's style of teaching and very much valued having her time and expertise for a complementary hour of tuition. Thank you Stella for arranging the session with Alyona.

Cheryl Case

Thank you, great session. I am looking forward to the group and links to do more of this. 🙏🏼🧘🏻‍♀️

Yoga for open heart lungs & chest


I missed the live class as it was at the same time as my regular yoga class. I've just watched and joined in 'on catch-up' as I felt I needed a Saturday morning stretch. My shoulders and legs now feel very energised. I particularly enjoyed the savasana sequence at the end, an ideal relaxing pose for my sometimes tweaky back, especially after camel pose (which is still a work in progress for me). A very calm end to the class. I'll be reading up on alfalfa! Thank you.

yoga with alyona opening heart, lungs and chest


I’ve just caught up with Alyona”s class from yesterday. It was fab!. my shoulders now feel more open and tension free. I must do those exercises regularly because just doing it in that session felt so beneficial. I haven’t done a backbend in years probably and clearly, my body needs to do them. Thank You Alyona and Stella.

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  1. Welcome friends. Please have some blankets and pillows handy. If you have blocks great. We may use the bed or a chair. Everything around the house can be an opportunity and reminder to stand well and open the heart.

  2. Hi Stella,

    There are two different start times listed for this class. Does it start at 6pm or 7pm?

    Thanks, Rosa.

    1. Apologies Lilly! Class is now live on our Youtube channel so just click on above image of Alyona which takes you directly to the class so you can catch up.

    1. Hi Svetlana sorry about that! The class is now available on our youtube channel so you can catch up! Just click on the link above. See you on the mat

    1. Hi Angela we are very sorry that you were not able to access the class! It is now on our youtube channel so if you want to catch up on this session with Alyona just click on above link. Hope to see you in another session soon.

      1. Thank you, I am now having problems accessing the Saturday 5pm session as well, I have been watching these over many months and this has never happened before.