Jess Farmer is a Pain Transformation Specialist working with a holistic approach, helping a wide range of clients heal many kinds of different physical pain & health challenges.

As a prior mechanical engineer, personal trainer, long distance endurance athlete & adventure cyclist he gained a very grounded understanding of the physicality of the human body before later combining his understanding with mental, emotional & energetic principles to help his clients & patients heal on multiple levels.

In his early 20s he suffered from a crippling bout of anxiety & depression, having to take time off work. This turned into fuel for him to empower himself, complete the Ironman triathlon in Switzerland, cycle from San Francisco to the south of Mexico, start a charity taking medical equipment to The Gambia, build a gym & later on Fænix Coaching to help people heal, rehabilitate & better their lives

His business, Fænix Coaching provides a comprehensive holistic health & pain rehabilitation service covering all aspects & systems of a clients makeup to assess the root cause of any challenge in the body.

From there he is able to structure a rehabilitative plan for the person to follow in stages, getting them to the best possibly shape physically, mentally, emotionally & spiritually treating causes of pain & dis-ease, not symptoms.

His holistic approach brings healing & pain relief to physical pain challenges in the body such as back, knee, shoulder, hip & elbow pain, digestive health issues such as IBS, bloating, gas & constipation, life transition challenges, mental health challenges, burnout & mystery health challenges that others may find tricky to diagnose & treat, while helping his clients & patients step into their purpose in life.

His journey has been one of Transforming Pain Into Empowerment giving him the insights needed to dedicate his life’s work towards helping other people do the same for themselves.



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