It is common at some point in our lives to feel stuck in a rut be it with our work, relationships or general life direction. Although we may be aware what it is that is making us dissatisfied it is not always easy to remedy it due to insecurities, lack of self-esteem and fear of change or the unknown. Our empowerment sessions will look at the underlying causes which are keeping us held back from living the happy fulfilling life we all deserve and teach you how to overcome these gremlins. When you are living in an empowered way you no longer feel powerless to the circumstances you find yourself in, instead you can make positive choices that gives you back your control and choose a life which provides you with purpose and allows you to reach your goals.




How can we not only cope with, but rise above the challenges presented to us today? Most will tell you to be strong. I say, be vulnerable! But then again, ...

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Most people do not give much thought to their thoughts (count yourself privileged to be reading this article!), whereas they have such an impact on our lives, pretty much dictating ...

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There is something in many of our psyches which finds the notion of “Self love” uncomfortable.  It brings to mind selfishness or bigheadedness but isn’t that just an outdated idea ...

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